Thursday, November 17, 2011

The dawn of a new mqcvisions site...!

After three year of abandon of my site (and a long period of asociality, for that matter) I am having some days at home due to some annoying circumstances... and decided it was definitely time to completely rewrite it. 

There are whole new sections, a lot of new content... and it is drastically changed in the graphic appearance.

Although there were 'philosophical' reasons behind the interface of the old one, the final result was simply ugly in terms of usability. I hope the new one is better... 

I am eager to receive any kind of feedbacks and comments! So I put it online even if it is not fully completed; I hope to add many other things in the next two weeks.

The address is always the same:

Have a pleasant navigation... and remember to check the 'UPDATES' section :-)


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