Saturday, November 26, 2011

Practical science

More work done on the site, since its first publication...
This time I devoted some time also to technical minded people ;-)

Main changes:

  • 1) Updated pages to link to this blog and show mail information (thanks for letting me know about bugs so early!)
  • 2) Created page for the Electronics section (I mainly had to choose the right graphic appearance)
  • 3) Created foreword to the Electronics/HIGHVoltage section (This has been tough... )
  • 4) Project added - my first Nixie Clock prototype (revisited and rethought)
  • 5) Project added - Experiments on OTL amplifiers (It already existed on the Net in some other place... but now it changed shape)
I even succeeded in making Google crunch the sitemap xml, at last... And I am experimenting the fascinating Google Analytics Realtime (BETA) Report!

See you soon!



Светла Енчева said...

To a technical *unminded* creature like me, reading your preface is enough to make me stay away from any high voltage, forever, lol!

But, again, I do love wandering in your site, wether understanding everything or not :-).

mqc said...


I am happy you like it! (Any criticism is welcome, though!)

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